We provide a new identity authentication solution

A blockchain application that change the entire industry

The product

More Secure, More Stable, More Intelligent

Blotic creates a software tool used to provide cryptographically strong proof of identity. It’s an application based on blockchain technology, in order to maximize authentication security.

With wide application of Identity authentication system in modern life, their information storage and data transmission security problems have also drawn greater attention. Therefore, we developed a more advanced system to make security measures keep up with the development of technology, and more effective to prevent the occurrence of crime.



A new form of blockchain technology to vastly improve identity verification and access control.


Makes identity theft and unauthorized data impossible


Blockchain can be processed in segments, no need to download entire blockchain for verification.


Compatible with all platforms (phone, tablet, laptop, server) and devices (fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, access card, etc).


Many times faster than standard blockchain operations.

About Us

Who we are

We are a small multinational team based in China and America with the goal of exploring new areas of information security. We firmly believe that science and technology is the driving force for the progress of human civilization. Providing industry solutions to the government and enterprises is our value lies.

Team members have rich development experience in the field of identity verification.

What we do

Make the world a better place is what we do. We are committed to the innovation and development of the identity authentication industry, Bring incredible revolutionary products. Our mission is to create value, contributing to society.

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Contact Us

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Asia Pacific Office: ShangHai, China
American R&D Office: MA, United States

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